Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Brief overview and scope of practice

certified plastic surgeonObviously, it crossed your mind what Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery really is. Have you ever wondered if they are totally the same of not? Well, you are not alone in that matter. Many are curious about it. Well, first things first, let’s define each of them and some aspects of them which might help us understand more about the two.

Plastic Surgery basically is the procedures done to correct any the defect of both the face and the body due to birth disorders, burns, traumas and other diseases.  It is a naturally a reconstructive procedure for the dysfunctional areas of the body. Plastic surgery includes repair surgery for burns, reconstruction of the breast, surgery of the hands, surgery for scar revision, repair of congenital defects (cleft palate, cleft lip, extremity defect), and more. Cosmetic Surgery on the other hand, covers breast augmentation, contouring of the face such as (rhinoplasty, cheek enhancement), rejuvenation of the skin and body, and body contouring (liposuction, tummy tuck, treatment for gynecomastia). Just from those procedure, you will know that there is actually a big difference of the two. Cosmetic surgery is actually focused in the appearance of the patient and how to enhance them.

Trainings Done

plastic surgery trainingWhen it comes to the trainings and academic attainment of the surgeons of both the plastic and cosmetic surgery, they actually differ in many ways. To be a plastic surgeon, one should be a certified plastic surgery physician and has completed general surgery program and another 2 years of residency in plastic surgery.  These surgeon will be exposed and trained to various cases that needs plastics surgery and sometimes a little bit of cosmetic surgery will be done. But that doesn’t mean that they are also certified cosmetic surgeon.  We might be confused of the two but what we need to do is to think that Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two separate entities. Cosmetic surgeons are have received training and completed a residency training and will be able to get more knowledge and skill afterwards during its post- residency fellowship.  Over 300 procedures are being taught to cosmetics surgeon in about 3 to 5 years of residency program. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are also included on the things that a cosmetic surgeon trained for.

If you need a surgery, you must always know that there are different surgeons in the world and they have took up different specializations as well. Generally, you should look for the educational attainment, board certification, residency trainings and special trainings that they have undergone. A wide range of experience is also a significant factor in choosing your surgeon. Make sure that whatever your needed procedure is, you should choose the best surgeon for you. The one which is equipped with both the knowledge and experience on the specific procedure to be done. May it be a simple procedure or not, it is always safe to consult to best qualified people for.

best results of plastic surgery

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