Cosmetic dentistry will boost your look and esteem

improve your smile by cosmetic denstitry

Did you know that not having some of your teeth makes you look older than your age? In fact traditionally teeth loss was associated with old age; so it was normal for someone old to miss a few or more teeth. Today however with the changing lifestyles our teeth are prone to experience various challenges that may cause teeth removal or breakage. There have been some traditional methods of cosmetic dentistry like braces, veneers or filling which most of us have heard of or seen someone in.

However today there are more advanced and safe methods of cosmetic dentistry that can bring or revamp that smile back. Another reason you should know about cosmetic dentistry is that it is a solution to many self-esteem issues among young people. In other countries that are prone to people having discoloured teeth has made them be discriminated against in terms of employment.

Improve your Smile by Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental whitening is one way to boost that look and esteem is by whitening your discoloured teeth. The discolouration could be due to consumption of over chlorinated water that will make your teeth brown, antibiotics, smoking and consumption of certain foods may cause your teeth to discolour.

Dental veneers could be an option for you to consider in teeth whitening. This is a simple process where tooth coloured porcelain is placed on your tooth. It not only whiteness but also aligns uneven tooth or spacing. The material used can be porcelain or composite resins. For a long lasting appearance take care of the veneers.

Causes of Dental cavities

Dental cavities these are caused by long-term destructive forces that attack the enamel and inner dentin material. These destructive forces are what we consume on a daily basis that contains sugar and starch. Porcelain restoration could be a remedy to dental cavity by use of porcelain inlays, crowns and on lays. This basically provides a filling on the dental cavity that may be due to tooth decay. Unlike dental filings that are available during a dental visit on lays are created in the laboratory before being fitted and adhesively bonded.

Composite bonding is another modern technique that can boost your look and esteem. This is a solution for broken, chipped, discoloured or decayed teeth. A composite material resembling enamel and dentine is applied on the surface of the tooth, and then it is sculpted into shape, hardened with high intensity light and contoured. The result will look just like your other teeth giving you an infectious beautiful smile. Composite bonding is a good treat to those dental dentures.

Stop losing your teeth

Dental implants this is a cosmetic dentistry solution for tooth loss. You can lose teeth in many ways be it cavity, tooth decay, accidents and so on. Dental implants are artificial teeth that will transform your jaw and bring back that youthful confident smile that you may have lost. Loosing teeth make your face to collapse as well as make you look older. Cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate solution to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Consult your doctor to determine what is best for you and also daily continued care for cosmetic dentistry is very important.

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